Please refer others who may be interested in this material to this site rather than emailing a PDF.

  • The down load count gives me a sense of interest in the material and the download is the most current version.
  • New Paper defining Plus DBD as commonly danced at festivals posted on 4/21/2015.  See Download
  • Last Update to Asymmetric Mechanics 2 – 3/22/2012.
  • Last update to Comprehensive Programming – 10/28/2012. General cleanup.
  • Last update to Interesting Dancing – 10/31/2012. Major rewrite of first half of paper.
  • Reinhold Roedig, the developer of Callarama call animation software, has developed a viewer  which comes with all the examples in the Asymmetrics paper preloaded for viewing .  Download this viewer for free at  It allows you to select the example and step through one call at a time or run the sequence without stopping.