Please refer others who may be interested in this material to this site rather than emailing a PDF.The down load count gives me a sense of interest in the material and the download is the most current version.

  • I have put out two new papers (May 2020) due to time at home with no dances.  Navigation & Get-Outs For Sight Callers (30 pages) and Modules for Unusual Formations (5 pages) contains material I have learned over the last 15 years working on get-outs. 
  • The general use of SEPARATE falls way below its potential.  A new short paper, “Fun with Separate”, (March 2020) gives a number of interesting uses of SEPARATE in a Basic context although they could be applied at any level.
  • A new paper July 2019 (Writing Singing Calls) explains in some detail how I write interesting singing call figures.  The paper explains the process and includes five example sessions which generate 24 new figures
  • A new paper in April 2019 shows how to use Audacity to make patter music from commercial sources.  This material was used for the Digital Music Enhancement panel at Callerlab Convention in Richmond, 2019.
  • Last Update to Asymmetric Mechanics, Comprehensive Programming, & Interesting Dancing – 2012